Antileak is a high-quality system specially developed to prevent the

   consequences of water flood or leakage caused by a crack in your water

   supply pipes.

Guards your water supply system continuously preventing damages caused

   mainly when nobody is home or everybody is asleep.

Delivers water to the tapping points only at the moment a user is present.

A fully automatic system, so there is no need to do anything to activate it.

Provides you a safe feeling, especially when you are on holidays or vacation.

Takes care of supplying water to the dishwasher, laundry machine and irrigation control system

   when needed for executing an excellent performance.


How doe's it work?

An electrically controlled valve is installed at the water entry to the residence. The valve is connected to the control panel. At each water tap location, such as kitchen, bathroom etc., a PIR motion detector is installed to watch the tap area. When a presence is detected near by the tap location, a detect signal is transmitted to the control panel. The control panel will transmit immediately an open command to the main water valve. As soon as presence near by tap location is terminated, the system automatically closes the main valve, and performed leak test while water supply is terminated.

A special detector takes care of water supply to automatic water consumption machines such as laundry machines, dishwashers, irrigation control systems, etc., as long as they are operating.


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